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Riverside Book Company is a small, independent publisher of illustrated art books. The Riverside list consists of:
  1. Byzantium 330-1453
    The catalog to an exhibit at the Royal Academy in London in 2008.

  2. Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600 - 1600The catalog to an exhibit at the Royal Academy in London in 2005.

  3. Arabs and Normans in Sicily and South of Italy
    A heavily-illustrated large-format hardcover book about a fascinating period from the early 9th century to the late 12th century when Sicily was ruled first by Muslims and then by Normans.

  4. Remnant of Israel: A Portrait of America's First Jewish Congregation - Shearith Israel
    A heavily-illustrated hardcover book published to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Congregation Shearith Israel, established in 1654 and the first Jewish congregation in North America.

  5. St. Mark's: The Art and Architecture of Church and State in Venice
    A large-format highly-illustrated work by an expert team of scholars that shows how the Basilica of St. Mark served both the political power of the state and the religious authority of the church. Shimmering mosaics, gleaming marbles, imposing sculpture and sacred icons combined to inspire reverence and obedience, all set within an architecture of surpassing beauty.

  6. Pompeii
    A large-format hard-cover book with 500 color illustrations describing the art and architecture of the ancient city, including many villas and houses with their frescoes and mosaics, as well as its social and economic life.

  7. Greek Vases: The Athenians and Their Images
    A large-format heavily illustrated hard cover book explaining the culture and society of Athens as seen on red-figure and black-figure painted vases produced in the 5th and 6th centuries BC.

  8. ICONS: The Fascination and the Reality
    A large-format hard cover book with more than 500 color illustrations describing the history and meaning of icons in the Orthodox Church.

  9. The Library of Great Masters
    A series of 27 paperback books on artists of the Italian Renaissance.
    Tambien disponibles en español.

  10. Eight Italian Masters
    The complete text and all the images from eight of the most popular books in our series The Library of Great Masters, in one 640-page reduced-size paperback, including Piero della Francesca, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, and Canaletto, at a very inexpensive price.

  11. Art and Archaeology of Rome: From Ancient Times to the Baroque
    A paperback book with more than 400 color illustrations.

  12. The Art of Venice: From Its Origins to 1797
    A highly illustrated survey in paperback of the most important painting, sculpture and architecture in Venice from its earliest days up to the end of the republic and its conquest by Napoleon.

  13. The Basilica of St. Mark in Venice
    A paperback book describing the history and decoration of the famous Byzantine church in Venice.

  14. The Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi
    A paperback book showing the fresco cycles and decorations of the famous church.

  15. Chartres Cathedral
    A paperback book illustrating the stained glass and sculpture of the most famous medieval cathedral.

  16. Chinese Export Porcelain in North Amercia
    A reissue of a classic work; more than 250 color illustrations.

  17. Books of Photography

  18. Textile Arts