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The Basilica of St.  Mark in Venice

 The Basilica of St. Mark in Venice

 edited by Ettore Vio

 ISBN: 1-878351-55-9


 174 pages, paperback, 8-1/4 x 11"
 133 color illustrations

The church that the Venetians built to house the body of St. Mark, taken by them from Alexandria, is famous the world over. They spared no expense, and employed the most skilled artisans, to create a monument to their faith in their patron saint and to their commercial and artistic glory.

Mosaics, marbles, pavements, sculptures, icons and decorations are unrivalled in their sumptuousness and as examples of Byzantine art at its apex.

With an enormous number of high-quality color photographs, including many details and many full-page illustrations, this book provides complete documentation of the history and decorative program of the Basilica. It will appeal to those who are interested in Venice, in Byzantine art, in mosaics, pavements, the decorative arts, and Church history.

Topics covered:

History and Art Tour of the Basilica

Authors of the texts
Prof. Ennio Concina,  director of the department of art history at the IUAV
Dr. Umberto Daniele,  art historian
Dr. Maria da Villa Urbani, chief librarian of the Basilica
Mgr. Antonio Niero,  procurator of St. Mark and instructor in history at Ca' Foscari University
Prof. Guido Tigler,  instructor in history of art at Florence University
Arch. Ettore Vio,  proto of St. Mark and responsible for the conservation of the Basilica
Prof. Licia Vlad Borrelli,  chief inspector of the Ministry of Cultural Assets

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