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VELVET cover

History Techniques Fashions

edited by Fabrizio de Marinis

essays by Aurora Fiorentini Capitani, Roberta Orsi Landini,
Luisella Pennati, Alfredo Redaelli, Stefania Ricci

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Originally published by Idea Books.
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202 pages, paperback, 9 x 11 inches, 208 color illustrations, 52 in black & white.

One of the richest fabrics known to man, velvet is today more in fashion than ever. Couturiers and street designers favour its softness and lustre, but it has been famed throughout the ages for sumptuous elegance. Velvet is the story of this ostentatious fabric, in fashion, furnishing, art and design. Clothes from every period are featured, from the Middle Ages to the latest collections by Givenchy and Montana. Paintings and photographs illustrate velvet's use in upholstery, or as hangings in palaces, theatres and opera houses. Types, techniques and processes are fully documented.
Velvet's opulence is only matched by its versatility. Now it is presented in a book which is as rich as its subject.

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