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The Art of Venice
From Its Origins to 1797

by Filippo Pedrocco

ISBN 1-878351-60-5

192 pages, paperback, 8-1/4 x 11"
180 color illustrations

Table of Contents

The Origins of Venice

Medieval Venice
- The Basilica of St. Mark
- The Mosaics of St. Mark
- The "Pala d'oro"
- The Horses of St. Mark's
- Sculpture and Architecture

The Gothic City
- Architects and Sculptors
- Filippo Calendario
- Painters
- The Flamboyant Gothic in Venice
- The Ca' d'oro

The Early Renaissance
- Between Tradition and Innovation
- Padua, the Tuscans and Francesco Squarcione
- Giovanni Bellini
- The Influence of Bellini and Antonello
- Gentile Bellini and Carpaccio
- The "Teleri" of the Scuola di Sant'Orsola
- Sculptors and Architects
- Ca' Vendramin Calergi

The Sixteenth Century
- Giorgione
- Albrecht Durer in Venice
- After Giorgione
- Titian
- Titian's "Assumption" at the Frari
- Lorenzo Lotto
- Toward Mannerism
- Architects and Sculptors
- Jacopo Ti ntoretto in the Scuola di San Rocco
- Tintoretto
- Bassano
- Andrea Palladio and Paolo Veronese
- San Sebastiano: a Church for Paolo Veronese

The Seventeenth Century
- The Mannerist Regression
- Between Classicism, Caravaggism and Tradition
- The Foreign Painters of Transition
- Between Tradition and Baroque
- The "Tenebrosi"
- Architects and Sculptors
- The Turn of the Century
- The Largest Canvas Decoration of a Ceiling in the World: San Pantalon

The Eighteenth Century
- The Rococo
- The State of the Art in 1722: the "Apostles" in the Church of San Stae
- The Pathetic Rococo
- Decoration on a Grand Scale
- Giambattista Tiepolo
- The Triumph of Rococo: the Church of the Gesuati
- Tiepolo at Wurzburg
- From the Arcadian Landscape to the Painting of the Enlightenment
- "Vedutismo"
- The Painting of Everyday Life
- Toward Romanticism: Francesco Guardi

Index of Names
Recommended Reading

The author
Filippo Pedrocco is director of the Ca' Rezzonico museum in Venice and has written many books on Venetian art, including two in our series The Library of Great Masters: Canaletto and the Venetian Vedutisti, and Titian.

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